Delhi Public School

DPS Society, New Delhi established DPS Vindhyanagar on 7th August 1986 in the township of NTPC Vindhyachal. DPS Society & NTPC Vindhyachal entered into an agreement that NTPC Vindhyachal will provide infrastructural support on nominal rental basis and in return DPS Society will provide quality education to the wards of NTPC Vindhyachal on half of the normal Tution fee.

DPS Vindhyanagar is one of the finest educational institute in Urjanchal. DPS Society has 202 schools in India and schools in 08 countries.

Principal Speaks
At DPS Vngr, we believe that learning should be joyful.
Remember, knowledge is infinite and joy is there where there is spontaneity and self initiative. Alexander Pope has rightly said, All value of education rests in respect for the physical;...
School Notice Board
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Book List for the Session 2021-22
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List of Authorised Functional Affiliated Delhi Public Schools
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Delhi Public School Vindhyanagar

PO - Vindhyanagar, Distt - Singrauli(MP) - 486885
Phone : 07805-245109, 07805-292500 Intercom: 3080,3082
E-mail: office@dpsvindhyanagar.edu.in, principal@dpsvindhyanagar.edu.in
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