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Biology Lab
Bio LabBio Lab
  • It is a spacious lab adequately equipped with a variety of models, specimen , working material and display charts to enhance complete understanding of the subject and satisfy inquisitive minds of the children.
    • Models – Models related to different variety of organisms, their life –cycle, different systems of body e.g. digestive system, heart etc. are there. Models showing cell – division are also there (list enclosed.)
    • Specimen – Preserved specimen of living organisms, dissected animals exhibiting internal systems. Variety of plants are there to develop clear perception about the subject matter. (List encl.)
    • Charts – Brightly coloured charts as per current CBSE Syllabus are displayed and used as teaching aids (List enclosed).
    • Working Material – To enhance the inherent scientific ideas working materials have great role. We prepare slides and study samples e.g. slide of spirogyra, stomata, apparatus, thigh muscles of cockroach. The lab is adequately supplied with working material.
    • Chemicals and stains – Stains like safranine solution, Leisman’s stain are need to prepare slides. Various types of chemicals like acetic acid, iodine are needed to perform various stains. A no. of such chemicals and stains are required for physiological experiments are available in the lab.
    • For regular class work and practical no. of test tubes, beakers slides and over slips etc. are there.

  • Special equipments for Sr. Secondary level:
    • Centrifuge Machine
    • Incubator
    • Haemocytometer
    • Chromatography paper
    • Respirometer
    • Root pressure apparatus
    • Herbarium press equipment
    • Hot plate
    • Stethoscope
    • Water bath
    • Overhead projector and transparencies
    • A slide projector
    • Biomocular and microscope – 28 compound microscopes, 12 microscope with simple magnifying lens and 12 dissecting microscope are there.
    • Simple lab equipments like test tubes, watch glasses slides, cover slips etc. are there.

    1. Models presented at Science Exhibition organized by NTPC at ‘Sharad Mela’received lot of appreciation and won prizes.
      • Haemodialysis by Meetali Singh, Pallavi Dubey XII .
      • Human Blood Circulation working model represented by Akshay Gupta and Awagesh Verma XII.
    2. Students qualified for Medical Entrance Examination.
      • Awagesh Verma
      • Aman Gautam
      • Manish Jha
    3. Students with highest score in AISSCE – 2011 in Biology.
      • Shreya Sachan - 95/100
      • Meetali Singh - 95/100

Delhi Public School Vindhyanagar

PO - Vindhyanagar, Distt - Singrauli(MP) - 486885
Phone : 07805-245109, 07805-292500 Intercom: 3080,3082
E-mail: dpsvngr@gmail.com , pdpsvngr@gmail.com [principal]
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