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  • School museum is an effort to make children aware of rich historical, spiritual and archaeological past of our country.
  • Museum provides delightful time to students; it is a visit to distant past without losing touch with the present.
  • School museum is to catch a beautiful glimpse of our ancient heritage, culture and civilisation. It helps us to:
    • To know our Golden past.
    • To recognize our ancestral culture.
    • Instil values.
    • To keep alive the old and forgotten past and culture.

  • As the chariot of civilization moved forward it left some marks on the sands of time. Archaeologists excavated and discovered the hidden treasures to preserve them for forthcoming generations. These sculptures depicted in the museum are rich source of information about the Golden past of Art and Architecture of our country

Delhi Public School Vindhyanagar

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E-mail: dpsvngr@gmail.com , pdpsvngr@gmail.com [principal]
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