Admission in Vindhyanagar schools
Admission in Vindhyanagar schools
Admission in Vindhyanagar schools
Admission in Vindhyanagar schools
  • It was Inaugurated by Shri M. P. Yadav in the year 1994.
  • The Pre-Primary Wing comprises classes Prep to class II, total nine sections.
  • The curriculum for Prep, class I and class II is thematically based on their core subjects, Languages, Mathematics, Environmental Studies taught thought activity based pedagogic that nurture exploration and experimentation and encourages child pursued learning inclusive of project work, play room session, nature walks, educational trips, value based story narration and more.
  • The evaluation of the childrens is carried on the basis of CCE recommendations as guided by the CBSE.
  • SMART CLASSES – For the children to experience Digital Learning.
  • VALUE EDUCATION LAB: To inculcate values in the little ones.
  • MATHS LAB; where the children enjoy learning by doing.
  • Children are constantly learning and growing, gaining new abilities and mastering new skills. Though ability is inherent but a child’s immediate environment determines how the ability develops and grows e.g. his co –ordination, his control over muscles, ability to sit, stand and eventually walk.
  • For this purpose a sand pit is developed where the children can imprint various shapes and release their emotions.
  • We have games which exercise the brain cells, some to improve the hand eye coordination and some to enhance the child’s reasoning ability.
  • The Pre-Primary Wing has a Children’s Park which is provided with colourful Swings, Slides, Merry-Go-Round, Jungle Gym, See-Saw, High Bar, Low Bar etc. The children look forward to their P.E. periods so that they can enjoy and exercise as well.